Campaign Introduction

Have you ever paid close attention to observe the city you live in? What are their uniquenesses? In what aspect would you tell the story of your city?

We invite all creatives around the world to collect the symbolic sounds of your city to contribute to our initiative - Feel My City Sounds.

Feel My City, Feel My Life!


There are five awards for the Feel My City Sounds campaign.

1. Brands' Choice Award
The Brands' Choice Award is the biggest award for the Feel My City Sounds campaign. All sponsored brands, including the host, Hollyland Technology, will collaborate and select the winner of the Brands' Choice Award together based on the overall quality of the final campaign video, including but not limited to video engagement, creativity, sound effects, video editing, etc.

2. Most Popular Award
The submission on the campaign page that gets the most votes wins the Most Popular Award. Share your submission or give it a shoutout on your Facebook, Instagram, Instagram, YouTube videos, Twitter, website, or wherever you would like to collect more "hearts".

3. Best Sound Design Award
The Best Sound Design is created only for the videos with the best sound design, either with the coolest sound effects or best sounds demonstration of your city based on sound elements collected with the LARK 150. Use your LARK 150.

4. Best Video Edit Award
The Best Video Edit goes to the video with incredible editing effects that impress the judges' panel the most.

5. Best BTS Award
The Best BTS is awarded to the creative with the smoothest and most intriguing behind-the-scene video that tells the full story on how the city sounds are collected with your microphones and how the video is made.


There are three timeline milestones for the Feel My City campaign.
  • Feel My City Sounds

    How To Participate?

    Step 1. Create a video for at least 30 seconds to tell an interesting story about your city; 

    Step 2. Add the campaign title card to the beginning of your video for the first a few seconds; (Download the title card here)

    Step 3. Create a BTS video to show the audiences how the sounds were collected. You are encouraged to add the title card to your BTS video too;

    Step 4. Upload both the campaign video and the BTS to your YouTube channel; 

    Step 5. Complete your participation by uploading your content and related information to the campaign website here.

  • 05/13/2021

    Kick Off

    The FEEL MY CITY SOUNDS campaign is kicked off online and open to the public. All International participants can start to create their campaign materials, submit your content here, and promote your submission for the Most Popular Award. For participants located in China mainland, please participate via this link

  • 07/20/2021

    Submission Deadline

    This is the deadline for international submissions. Please submit your content to the website before 24:00 PST Time on July 20, 2021. All participants will no longer be able to promote your submissions and collect "hearts" for the Most Popular Award.

  • 07/31/2021

    Winners Announcement

    The winners of the five awards are announced. The FEEL MY CITY SOUNDS 2021 campaign is officially ended.

Recommended Genre

The genre of your video content is not limited. You may choose one of the following or any other genres.

  • Music video
    You may collect the unique sounds of your city and make it a musical soundtrack for your short film.
  • Short story or feature
    You may create a city story with its unique sounds.
  • Documentary
    You may create a documentary on a particular subject with unique city sounds.
  • Others
    No specific genre is required to participate in the campaign.

Selection Rubric

The judging team mainly looks at the following elements for winners selection.

  • Overall quality
  • Engagement
  • Sound design
  • Creativity
  • Composition
  • Performance
  • Editing
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Entries are closed for our Feel My City Sounds campaign. The voting system is also closed for all submissions.

Please stay tuned to our social channels on the winners announcement. You may also go to the SUBMISSIONS page to find out more sounds of global cities.